Large Jet Palm Stone


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Jet is not a gemstone in a traditional sense, but of organic origin as it once carried life, and is the product of fossilized wood. Much like coal, Jet was formed from the remains of wood that had been immersed in water for millions of years, after which it had been compacted and then fossilized.

Just as coal is formed, Jet is the remains of wood immersed in water millions of years ago that was then compacted and fossilized by the pressures of earth.

Jet has historically been used as a protection stone, as it has been used to dispel fearful thoughts and is told to protect the wearer from evil and violence. It’s powerful protection energies are said to ward off evil, negativity, as well as psychic attacks.  Jet is considered one of the most powerful absorbers of “negative energy” not just around one but within one as well (such as depression).

It is told that one who is attracted to this stone to be an “old soul” who may have an extensive experience with life through reincarnations. As legend tells us that when Jet is worn or carried on the body continuously, it is thought to absorb the bearers “soul”, so these stones were carefully guarded and passed down through long lines of families.

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