Crown Chakra Perfume Oil

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The highest chakra of all energy chakras in our body when this chakra is fully energized, we become one with the universal energy and understand the meta physical with greater comprehension. This is the Chakra that releases us of all worldly bonds and helps us overcome desires. Crown Chakra perfume helps to energize the Crown Chakra. It is a blend of many different fragrances all known to help in raising our awareness of the universe. The main notes include, Sandalwood, Cedar, Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavander, Neroli and Rose.

The seven Chakras are listed below:

CROWN CHAKRA: For listening to the harmony of the spheres.
THIRD EYE CHAKRA: An aid to meditation, helps in releasing anxiety.
THROAT CHAKRA: Moving through fear of expression, anti-spasmodic and calming.
HEART CHAKRA: For soothing and gently sedating, helps calm, heal and protect.
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Aids in mobilizin personal energy, tonifying and encouraging.
SACRAL CHAKRA: Refreshing, calming and uplifting, for loving one's body.
ROOT CHAKRA: A physical & emotional sedative that is warming, relaxing and protective

8ml roller bottle